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March 15, 2015
It's been 20 years since I received my first guitar. It was a Victoria electric and it was coupled with a home made amp that I'm pretty
sure was crap. Then again, knowing more about amps today I would love to hear what that amp sounds like now, and maybe it would
have been better for a keyboard or something else besides a guitar. I seem to recall 4-20' speakers but the tone was awful. And I think the guitar
was probably awful as well. But I still learned how to play "Smoke on the Water" in a couple minutes sitting down with these contraptions
that I now owned. I grew enamoured with the Em chord early on, it's easy to play; it's only two strings that you have to worry about
(until you're doing it in the upper position) ((that's what she said)). Don't ask me why I just wrote that joke in there. Writing is funny.
Kerouac used to just sit and write as he went, stream of consciousness jibber jabber and recalling the days adventures for his future readers.
I have been doing alot of the same with songwriting --- just letting the melody and structure come, and I don't worry about the lyrics or
the story until after I have the basis for a solid, catchy tune underneath it. Once this foundation is secure, we start building the frame for the house/song.
I have been making progress with Grand Ole Hopry, my next album, by getting some of the songs mixed by professionals. On Wednesday I will
go into Flying Blanket in Mesa, AZ to listen to Bob Hoag mix two of the songs. I hope to wrap up the rest of these mixes in Boise and Portland
in the next few weeks. Then it's time to master and press the record! Yes I think I'm going to put this one down on vinyl. The only other vinyl
released that I'm on is a Kris Kristofferson tribute put out by PIAPTK. This label also made some gold flake lathe cuts that I used to raise some
funds for the re-release of The Gold Rush EP, but I still haven't found the time to re-record these songs for the b-side as I intend to do.
Anyway, those of you got one of those, thank you for your support, sorry it is taking so long to get those done. I want to do it right so bear
with me! In other news, there's some exciting shows coming up for us this spring such as Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID and I intend to
visit Alaska this summer, and might be bringing some very special guests along with me! Also tooling around with another visit to Europe this fall.
We need some really good bands to take us out on tour as your opening act. HELP! In the meantime, I have confirmation that we will
be headlining a night at Hyde Park Street Fair in September. I think I might keep up these updates once in awhile when I have news for you, so
just remember to come here and check it out once in awhile :)