Over the course of a decade since graduating from the University of Alaska Anchorage, I have realized a few things about myself: I was not afraid to follow my dreams! I am minorly successful at being a performing songwriter. I enjoy travel, flexibility, dogs, and music. I don't think corporate or full time work is suitable to my interests, which makes my Business Management degree a wee bit overkill. Here are a few things I enjoy doing, that I would do for money, if you are indeed looking for someone with my skill set. I can be reached at anytime at matt@matthopper.com

  • Photography/Video
    I own a Canon 7D professional camera and know how to use it. Am available for any type of photography work and video as well.
  • House Sitting
    This one is a no-brainer - need someone to watch over your home while you are away? Why not team up with a professional traveler who never gets to stay in one spot for too long. It's a win-win situation for both parties as it beats me crashing in the van and gives me a bit of alone time to write, read and relax...all while keeping your home safe from harm. I am a mature, world travelled 35-year-old...I will not use your house for any illegal or damaging activities.
  • House Cleaning
    I love to clean and organize and I'm not even kidding. I have been to some real trashy joints and nothing gives me more pleasure than turning an uninspiring, cluttered home into a liveable, functional and clean domicile. I know lots of people who would gladly pay someone else to avoid what seems like a daunting task...got a project but don't have the time or energy to get it done? Drop me a line.
  • Yard Work
    I also enjoy being outdoors, so if you have grass to cut, garden to maintain, weeds to weed, leaves to rake, etc. don't hesitate...
  • Graphic Design
    I have made countless posters, websites, logos for my musical career...and am always down to do a little deisgn work.
  • Dog Walking/Sitting
    I am a very active walker, and usually walk my friends' dogs for free, but would be willing to treat your dog to a professional walk at anytime to your specifications. I am also available to take care of your dog when you are out of town. Rates vary depending on job.
  • Driver/Delivery
    I own a van and a Chevy Blazer and am available for any type of driving/delivery service.
  • Production / Songwriting
    I am available to join your band in the studio to oversee production of songs or an album...offering advice, talent coordination, budget, guitar playing, background vocals, etc. and watching your bottom line to help you produce something you are happy. I get the job done. Also if you have specific needs for a songwriter (special song? Educational? Commercial music?) I am open to using my skills as a songwriter for your purpose.
  • Live Performances
    I have performed at various weddings, even outside the country, and would love to make your special day unique and am willing to even learn favorite songs, etc. Price for this varies by location and if you desire a band or just me solo.
  • Guitar / Vocal Lessons
    I have been singing and playing guitar since my teen years. I can definitely teach you the basics on a guitar and maybe even some intermediate style.
  • Babysitting
    I don't have any kids, but I am Uncle Matt to many youngsters and love spending time with little people. As a perpetual kid, I have lots in common with these youngsters and am kind of a bonus babysitter cause I will take your kids on fun activities and make sure they come home safe. I have many references so if you are thinking it's weird for a 35 year old to be a babysitter instead of a 16 year old girl, well, I know a few people that might change your mind.
  • Business Consulting
    I do do have a Business Management degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage and have ran my own business for a decade (writing, performing and making a music career independently) so if you are in need of an outsider to come in and evaluate your business and offer insight, I am willing to help.
  • Miscellaneous
    Have a job for someone but don't know who to call --- try me. I am bright, educated and creative. Chances are I can help and if I can't I will let you know that as well.
Thank you for your consideration, I can be reached directly at matt@matthopper.com